Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Worship and outreach ministries can be found in detail under the Sarah Jane Ministries and GFJ Dream Center tabs.  Outside programs hosted here at Sarah Jane appear under the Partner Programs tab. All are ways in which we build a mission to move towards the vision God has placed before us.

Our Vision (from scripture and Methodist tradition):

Sarah Jane: “Hearts Up to God; Hands Out to Others”

Jesus: Love God; Love Your Neighbor

James and Paul: Faith; Works

John Wesley: Personal Holiness; Social Holiness

Each of these is a different way of calling us to a balanced spiritual life. They are also reflected in the life of our benefactor, George F. Johnson who grew up in Methodist Churches and treated his employees fairly through his “Square Deal”. Sarah Jane’s vision is in our DNA from all of these sources.

We live out this vision through our worship and spiritual life programs (Hearts Up to God) and through our many community outreach ministries (Hands Out to Others). We also work through partnerships with many outside organizations. Scan through our site to see what’s happening here and how you might fit in. We look forward to getting to know you.