About Us

Rev. Carolyn Stow

Hearts Up to God, Hands Out to Others

Our Vision statement above is exactly what we believe God is calling us to be in Johnson City. We lift our hearts to God in worship and small groups and reach our hands out to others in the amazing variety of ministry you can read about on these pages. In these two ways, we seek to respond to Jesus’ call to “Follow me.”

Help us as we stand for Christ. Then help us take Jesus to the world.

Worship Times

Sarah Jane Johnson Church holds worship at the following times:

Sunday Worship begins at 10:30 AM each week.  

An informal worship begins at 5:30 Tuesdays before the Lord’s Table Supper.

A more contemporary worship is in the development stages

History of Sarah Jane Johnson

United Methodist Church

On April 20, 1890, the first worship service of this congregation was held in an Endicott Johnson Shoe factory, with a boot crate turned on end as a pulpit and boot crates also used as benches for the congregation. The current building was a gift from George F. Johnson and his family in memory of their mother Sarah Jane Johnson who raised them in Methodist Churches. It was completed in 1927. More history of the church and the building are at the links below.

The Organ

The organ is a thirty-six stop instrument, was built by the Austin Organ Company of Hartford, Connecticut, a firm with a well established reputation. The organ consists of five separate instruments or sections. On the west side of the Choir is the Swell organ, on the east side are the Great and choir organs and in the rear on the west side over the gallery is the Echo organ. The Pedal organ is distributed between the organs on both sides of the Choir loft. The Echo organ is unusual in that it consists of six stops besides a set of chimes of twenty-five tubes. These stops consist of soft string stops, a night horn and a flute giving the effect of distance. In a special chest in this organ section is the Vox Humana which reproduces the human voice.

The Windows

The Art Glass windows of the Sarah Jane Church were made by the George Hardy Payne Studios of Paterson, NJ., art glass manufactures. Antique glass is used for all of the windows in the building, and was imported from England. It differs from American opalescent glass in that the opalescent glass has the colors streaked through it, but in the antique the colors are thoroughly mixed.

Some of the glass is what is known as rolled art, much of it is blown. Air is forced into the glass by pressure, causing bubbles of pinhead and larger sizes to appear through the glass like the air bubbles in water. The light reflected from these uneven surfaces causes it to sparkle.


Sarah Jane has been blessed with a beautiful sanctuary seating up to 500 people and offering fine acoustics. Our pipe organ is a superb match for the building and although small, our choir supplies high quality worship music. We are an often sought venue for community concerts by groups including the Southern Tier Concert Band, Binghamton Youth Symphony, and the Downtown Singers because of quality of our venue.


Our Mission

To Reach

To reach out to our local and world community with the Good News of Jesus Christ through acts of love and radical hospitality.

To Connect

To connect people to God with the transformative power of dynamic worship, the Sacraments, prayer, and frequent fellowship with believers, to bring healing and wholeness into their lives.

To Equip

To equip Christ’s followers with inspired teaching, the regular study of scripture, meaningful conversation, spiritual awareness, and to develop each individual’s God-given talents to actively live as His ambassadors