Greetings to the Sarah Jane Johnson Church community of faith,

            In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says “. . . no city or house divided against itself will stand.”  And yet, my Facebook page is filled with divisive thoughts, comments, and pictures.  Conversations are filled with my side vs. their side.  People have become downright nasty to one another – trying to insist that their needs are more important than those of others – their viewpoint is the only viewpoint worth having.  Complaining – “it’s not fair to me.”

            Today, my daughter posted this to her Facebook page: 

“it’s not fair” and thank God it isn’t. If I got what I deserved, because I have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, I would be nowhere, with no hope, but because Grace isn’t fair, God has shown me, and you, love and mercy, and given us eternal life! Friends may you live with that hope, even though it’s not fair.

 There is a place where we come together – through the love and mercy of our God.  Let’s focus, not on what’s fair or not.  Let’s focus on merciful forgiveness and loving mercy.  I think when we do, we will find ourselves stronger together.