In-Person Worship  

In this time of COVID-19, to open our church building for worship we are required to have a Safety Plan in place that follows the guidelines put forth by the Center for Disease Control. A handout of a summary of our plan, as well as the detailed plan are available for review in the church office.

For the safety of everyone attending

 the following is REQUIRED  to join with others

 in Christian Worship in our beautiful church

– Take your temperature at home or utilize the no touch thermometer at the church building.

– There will be only one entrance – up the stairs at the back of the church building or in the elevator entrance, as necessary.

– Be cautious leaving your car or arriving on foot to keep social distancing.

– Be sure your face covering is completely in place, covering both your mouth & nose. You may receive one in the entryway  if you have not brought one of your own. We will only be permitted to include those who agree to wear a face covering          throughout our worship experience.

– Keep social distancing with only one person or family group in the entryway or elevator.

– Listen to and follow the instructions by the greeter in the entryway.

– No hand shaking nor embracing.

– Sit at one of the tables to fill out log and screening information and place in the assigned container. Inform the greeter if      you answered yes to any of the questions regarding exposure to the virus. If so, you will not be allowed entry and the              Broome County Health Department will be notified. You should contact your own medical doctor.

– Hand sanitizers or wipes will be available throughout the church building.

– Proceed to the sanctuary following the one-way walkways.

– Sit only in designated seating areas marked with 6 feet distance in all directions.

– Face coverings are required for the entire service.

– There will be no bulletins or other handouts.

– We invite you to sit back and listen with your heart to the beautiful music shared, as congregational singing is prohibited.

– Offerings will be gratefully received at the back of the sanctuary in a designated container as you enter or leave.

– The rest room will be available using in and out walkways. An usher will be available to guide you.

– When the service is over, leave the church via the one-way walkways out the Baldwin Street doors using social distancing. Use caution returning to cars.

– Those needing the elevator, please wait until all others have exited and be advised when to leave.

– If you prefer, the Worship experience will be available through electronic media.